Meet the Chef


Shana cooks every meal as if it were to nurture her own mind, body, and spirit. She embraces her love for cooking with creativity and passion. Complementary to her athletic endeavors, she considers herself a whole foods activist and seeks to inspire people to view food as a source of nourishment and clean fuel for their bodies on their healthy eating journeys.

Throughout the years, she has honed her cooking and recipe-building techniques to create masterful meals that can be tailored to all different lifestyles, such as the paleo, keto, or macro-based diets. Living an A.I.P., gluten-, soy-, and lectin-restrictive diet? No worries! Her experience in balancing flavor and healthy eating brings the best of each world to the table.

Shana eats what she cooks and cooks what she likes to eat. Through this process, she has gained knowledge and an affinity for healthy ingredients that don’t lack in flavor. From this organic relationship, Built without Guilt was born, offering daily meal plans for food lovers and personalized diets. Be Built without Guilt.

When Shana isn’t in the kitchen crafting up delicious meals, you can find her slinging weights And Coaching Classes at Quarter Deck Athletics!